Mixed Berry Coffee Cake

Adapted from Nutmeg Nanny’s https://www.nutmegnanny.com/mixed-berry-coffee-cake/ I decided to make this mid week when I didn’t have any other really important things to do. So yay for mid week sweet snacks. They always seem to be welcome, and something about sugar snack cake on a Wednesday that makes life pretty great. The reason I dug this […]

Coffee Banana Bread

Adapted from Food & Drink Early Summer 2012 – Coffee Toffee Banana Bread http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo/recipe/coffee-toffee-banana-bread/201203035#.XETG3VxKjIU Happy weekend all! This is the weekend of the bear. Hibernation in winter, such a concept. I thought that since we are not gallivanting everywhere this weekend, I would try and bake something from my stash of recipes. I also currently […]

Orange Cranberry Cookies

Originally from Cookies & Cups https://cookiesandcups.com/orange-cranberry-meltaway-cookies/ We bought a case of oranges. Like a case of clementines but they were oranges. We are only 2 people and with my not wanting to throw away any spoiled food, my immediate concern was, that is waaaaaaaaay to many oranges. Did we eat them all in a week? […]

Rose Water Cream Cookies

These are the cookies you would’ve seen in my “look at me, I’m baking” post. This was an interesting experiment. It makes your house smell like perfume and sugar cookies. It’s definitely a nice aroma, and although they can be a little strong, they were still quite nice. But they ended up looking so cute! […]

Monster Cupcakes

Look at him!! Isn’t he the cutest little cupcake you’ve ever seen????? When I posted the picture to instagram, it had the caption of “Spooky Cupcakes…wait no CUTE CUPCAKES!” Which is exactly what they are! There are derpy ones, scared ones, and totally adorable ones! I had help from my awesome friend Jenna, who watched […]