Revenge of the pumpkin spice



Thats right… Its coming… its here… there’s pumpkin puree in my fridge, ready for another go. It was bound to happen soon. It finally came to Starbucks in Canada. It also has been spotted here and there among the blogs I follow religiously.

Also if you read last week’s things post, you saw that I freaked out about rose water. I’m definitely not making that from scratch. There are so many different ways to make rose water. Enough that there were conflicting ideas as to the best way to make the rose water. So instead I walked to the natural food store and exchanged my pennies. Small problem solved.

I’ve been starting to think about Christmas lists (mostly because my mother gave me hers). And was thinking that for some folks that the funny t-shirts over at would be good.



Ok, this one might be for me, but still, they’re pretty cheeky.

Been doing bootcamp as of late. It’s been pretty good. Not the traditional yelling at people and super defeated working out, just a more constructive environment. So thats why the muffins are healthy in the last post.

Otherwise, yay October!