Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

We’ve had a good week of poor eating. And by poor, I mean not healthy, except for the turkey that was roasted with a bacon weave and like 2 lbs of butter. mmmmm….. bacon and butter. So I roasted my first turkey. I named him Simon. Since I was the only one up while stuffing him, and I was putting my hands up him, I figured I should know more about him. So Simon, my turkey, used to be a turkey accountant. Which means he was a very conservative turkey. Either way, I still stuffed him, all while imagining Bird Brent from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. So I gave him a nice stereotypical persona, so he wouldn’t animate himself.


Simon was sooooooo tasty! And stuffed with “Turkey Tyme” Bread via Brownberry breads, which is absolutely impossible to find in my area. I had the bread frozen for a few months, when I picked it up in Northern Ontario.

Also, we started a hockey pool at work. I know…. some hockey. Not enough to make better educated guesses on who is going to be the best goal scorer of the year. So it was a bit of remembering names and who is ranked closer to the top. I have a feeling that I will never really know as much hockey as I want to know. Anyways after the starting week, I am in last place, :(. However, it is still the first week, so I might be saved in weeks to come. Wish me luck!