Halloween Oreo Brownie


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been all about chocolate the last couple weeks. Not only chocolate but brownies, all about the brownies.

So here is my submission for Halloween and also to appease my taste buds of rich, gooey, a little chewy brownies.

Now I will tell you my secret here. It’s not really a secret, its more laziness than anything. I have made my share of brownies. While I was in college I spent a lot of time at my parents making baked goods for bake sales, for giving away, and for many other charitable events. I’ve used every type of chocolate, I’ve used Martha’s recipes, I’ve even took a stab at creating my own. Nothing tastes as good as the mix from Quaker. Not the box, but the paper container with the white background. Although every time I make them I feel like I’m selling out a little, then I eat them and that thought flutters away since they also have no milk.

So I won’t even post a recipe since I didn’t even use one. The only other thing I did was crush two sleeves of Halloween Oreos saving about 5 for decoration on the top. So have fun with the mashing of the oreos, makes for some good frustration release.

So enjoy the tastiness that is your favorite brownie recipe and Oreos.