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The weekend we made pie, and only pie

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We made 36 regular apple pies, and 6 smaller ones for a Grand Total of 42. Tastiest Christmas gifts ever! Filled every freezer we could find, and after all that making, rolling, decorating, and test-tasting, still took 2 home. SO MUCH PIE! My mom asked me to come the following week to make meat pie, but I told her she was on her own (teehee).


In the making

I realize that’s it’s been a while since I’ve posted something. You may thank skating and Christmas planning for that. But I’ve cleaned my kitchen and now I’m baking cookies!

3 batches 2 nights, why not? I also got my first batch of cookies from the cookie swap, and they were amazing! I think my boyfriend just caught on that there are still more boxes coming in the mail (he’s not excited at all…).


So here is some evidence that I am actually baking